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For impaired driving, excessive speeding, use of cell phone while driving and other traffic violations.

at contesting traffic violations

Do you want to contest a ticket, save demerit points, reclaim your seized vehicle and/or help manage your driving record to prevent losing your licence?

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Other Specialized Services

Drinking and Driving

A conviction for drinking and driving and/or refusing to provide a breath sample can forever affect your life. Not only will you lose your right to drive for a period…

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Restricted Licence

So your vehicle is required for your work, but despite your best efforts your licence has been revoked or suspended due to an accumulation of demerit points? Don’t despair…

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Vehicle Seizure

Your vehicle was seized for a period of 7, 30 or 90 days following an arrest for drinking and driving, driving at excessive speeds, or driving with a suspended licence....

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Revocation of Judgement
and Stay of Execution

You’ve just learned that you were convicted, or that a judgement was rendered against you by default while you had a valid defence to submit to your case? If you have a serious reason…

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SAAQ Driver Assessment

Following an arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the SAAQ may request that you undergo a driver assessment as stipulated in the…

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Hit and Run Offence

You’ve been accused of being involved in an accident with another vehicle, an animal, or with an object and have neglected to remain at the scene and provide your information, or to contact…

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Driver’s Licence Suspension

Regardless of the reason for your driver’s licence suspension (accumulation of demerit points, unpaid fines or an arrest for drinking and driving) our team of attorneys can assist you…

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Postponing a Court Date

If ever you find yourself in a situation where you can’t be present at a scheduled Court date, you may contact us to submit a request for postponement on your...

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Criminal Offences

Our qualified legal team is composed of experienced defence attorneys who specialize in criminal law. We have the necessary expertise to fulfill your needs in all matters related...

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We also contest tickets obtained
in any other province
and in the United States.


450 Tickets is a law firm that specializes in contesting traffic violations. Located in Laval, on the north shore of Montreal, our services cover all courts in Quebec. Regardless of where your ticket was issued, contact the best legal service for any traffic violation you may receive.

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